CEO Message

Our talented crew here at ToryTown Sculpture is a cohesive group of artists who, through teamwork in sculpting, molding & casting, produce an innovative and original product line while offering problem solving as well as assemblage when required. Together we have invented many unique procedures & techniques in our casting department that have equipped us to achieve extraordinary results for our expanding and returning clientele.

30 years experience in sculpting, combined with over 20 years experience in molding and casting, have strengthened my understanding of the fine nuances affecting a quality casting. I have been fortunate in working in a field that is my passion, yielding much success to our artistic endeavors.

Our Services


Stunning Digital Sculptures

Our 3D software experts create an accurate model design for review. Software model appearances are very close to physical attributes, providing clear visuals of the end r

Anatomical Models

ToryTown Sculpture specializes in plastic product design using several major plastic and soft material techniques and manufacturing processes to produce accurate anatomic

Vacuum Forming

We provide product packaging, plastic molds and many other products with our ability to Vacuum form.

Tranditional Sculptures

We produce high-end traditional hand carved in clay or wax ranging from Figures to Animated Figures, Realistic Figures, Daggers, Animals etc. Sculptural products (from co

Molding & Casting

We provide molding/casting using various types of materials including Silicone, Urethane rubber, various resins (hard and soft), and clear and colored materials. The fina

Toys & Collectables

We design and create prototypes and produce a fully finished hand painted toys & collectables. Varieties of small, medium & large toys are made on demand with ful