Our Process

Our joined experience enables us to employ easier (yet fast and efficient) processes in producing high-quality Prototypes. The diversity in types of materials used to create beautiful and stunning sculptures distinguishes us from more “cookie-cuter” competitors. Our usage of multiple methods and techniques in creating 3-D works, Hand sculpting, Digital Sculpting, Fabricating, Carving, Modeling, Casting and assembling all Hand made parts in various materials into 3-D objects, are all brought to fruition in our in-house facility.

Preliminary Assessment & Project Consultations: Our close-up focus is client satisfaction. We support original customer concepts while providing initial-stage project advice with expert consultation. Our goal is to first meet, and ultimately surpass, customer expectations. Trust combines with excellence to ensure satisfaction throughout the creative process. Our customers experience a unique and comfortable environment from initial proceedings onward to product finalization.

Creating Product Sculpture, Pattern or Model: Once the project’s detailed information is acquired, our skilled team delivers, with seamless process and transformation, the model product. We can also create digital models that promote discussion while lending visual understanding in the initial phases of development.

Many other operations are also performed during model making: Turning, milling, cutting, sizing etc. that cover a wide variety of different operations and machinery. Scales range from small, individual parts to large, heavy-duty milling operations.

Molding & Casting: When bulk quantity is required a mold is created, usually by using a wax-casting method. This process is the most popular in creating an accurate reproduction of your work, and ensures exact replication of the original product. Various types of materials may be employed, such as hard plastic/polyurethanes, clear casts, urethane rubber, silicone rubber, foam, ultra soft materials, and flocking. Eventually castings are done to produce varying sizes from small to large, or even life-sizes.

To create the reproduction, a mold and cast of the model are made in one of an array of casting mediums.

A mold is the negative or hollow cavity encasing a sculpted piece for the purpose of creating multiples of those pieces.

Surface Finishing: Finishing is an important procedure in fashioning a superb quality output. Whether the figure is a mold or a sculpture in raw condition, its surface finish assures the integrity of the final creation. Some techniques, such as sand blasting, may be applied. After the finish polishing of a work is applied, the materials reveal their innate beauty, natural luster and wonderful palette of colors. Not only does finishing embellish the artwork, it also helps to protect it.

Colors & Painting: Finally, painting is applied in several different artistic interpretations to complete the artwork, delivering to the client a product that fulfills and exceeds their imaginative expectations.

Our Services


Stunning Digital Sculptures

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Anatomical Models

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Vacuum Forming

We provide product packaging, plastic molds and many other products with our ability to Vacuum form.

Tranditional Sculptures

We produce high-end traditional hand carved in clay or wax ranging from Figures to Animated Figures, Realistic Figures, Daggers, Animals etc. Sculptural products (from co

Molding & Casting

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Toys & Collectables

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